Lavender Oil

6 Ways Lavender Oil Can Potentially Promote Hair Growth

Mother nature and its magic

In today’s increased mechanization and chemical interferences, we naturally draw ourselves out of nature. Even in our daily lives, we have reduced the raw natural products and moved towards processed or artificial items to meet our needs.

However, the miracles of nature are still intact. Some organic products can solve modern-day problems in minutes. Many researchers have now highlighted the need to move towards natural products in daily life and for the cure; this has led to the emergence of many therapies from natural products, flowers, herbs, etc. In senior home care in Whittier, the authorities understand the importance of natural products, so they integrate them into the life of senior citizens.

In this article, we will discuss how lavender oil does wonders for you.

What is Lavender oil?

Lavender oil is a type of essential oil widely used in households today. Lavender oil is the most popular in the world of essential oils due to its highly pleasing fragrance. Lavender oil is made by crushing the lavender flower petals and using heat to make the oil.

Lavender oil relieves pain, improves mood, reduces depression, etc. They are also seen as luxury items nowadays, which makes a place feel more luxurious. Lavender oils are used in various beauty products to enhance your appearance; however, in this article, we will be focusing on how lavender oil benefits hair growth.

Five Ways Lavender Oil can Promote Hair Growth.

Hair is the top priority for both genders, as it could make or break your look. Many people experience the problem of hair fall, bald patches, or no growth at all. If you look around the market, you may find that hair care products are the most expensive products among all other beauty products since the marketers used the necessity of people to fill their pockets. If you previously went bankrupt for expensive hair care products, you must read along to be astonished by how lavender oil will promote your hair growth on a budget. The ways lavender oil encourages hair growth are listed below;

Growth Stimulation

Lavender oil is best known for hair growth. A study from 2016 found that lavender oil applied to mice made the hair of mice grow well. The hair also grew thicker and stronger than before. Lavender oil penetrates well into the skin. It seeps into the hair follicle, promoting the production of proteins essential for hair growth. The essential oil can solve the problem of pattern baldness and stunt hair growth.

Anti-microbial properties

Sometimes your hair may naturally carry the potential to grow, but certainly, added factors hinder the growth resulting in poor health. One such factor is the microbial growth in your hair which causes infections, blocking the hair growth channels. These infections may happen due to frequent scratching of scalps that causes the bacteria etc., present in the nails to replicate on the scalp.

Lavender oil removes this problem for you. The oil resolves scalp issues once or twice weekly for a good period. A study in 2014 suggested that lavender oil eliminated fungal or bacterial growth on the scalp when applied frequently.

Prevent Head lice

Scalp help is significant to have flawless hair. Head lice feed on blood from the scalp. The female louse lays eggs that stick to hair shafts. Common signs and symptoms of lice include Intense itching on the scalp, body, or genital area.

As the lice are attached to the shaft and draw blood from the scalp, they take away the nutrients meant for healthy hair growth leaving behind weak hair that easily breaks or has a prolonged growth rate. In 2011, a study found lavender oil could prevent or even kill head lice.

The study tested lavender oil with tea tree oil. The effects were tested by using both oils separately and then in combination; the result suggested that for effective killing of lice, the oils must be used in a mixture. 

Curbs Inflammation

An inflamed scalp is also a significant hindrance to healthy hair growth. Lavender oil is sometimes used in home remedies for curing inflammation and burns. Lavender oil can be applied to hair frequently to prevent inflammation and dryness.

Calming effect 

Lavender is an excellent essential oil that releases hormones that have a feel-good effect on mood. The hormones also promote healthy regulation of blood through the scalp when applied to it, which is a significant promoter of hair growth.  

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