Remedies To Get Rid Of Headache Naturally

Do you usually take painkillers for a headache? There are alternatives as effective as drugs and without any side effects. We tell you what these natural solutions are. Say goodbye to discomfort without pills.

Headache or headache is a very common condition that, unfortunately, many people suffer from almost daily. Whether it is a minor annoyance or unbearable damage, headaches diminish our quality of life.

There are several types of headaches, but the most common are those caused by increased mental or blood pressure.

Although there are medications that relieve headache symptoms, there are also many natural remedies that are highly effective.

What is good to get rid of the headache

Analgesics relieve pain but can have adverse reactions. Nolotil and paracetamol taken very frequently can be harmful to the liver.

On the other hand, the consumption of anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen or Voltaren makes the body retain water and can cause edema in the legs, as well as digestive discomfort.

Fortunately, there are a number of pain relief tools that can work on their own or complement prescribed treatments.

How do I know what kind of headache I have?

In case of any pain, it is advisable to consult a doctor, who will rule out or identify any underlying pathology.

Migraine is the most frequent reason for consultation in health centers, according to data from the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians. It affects 6% of men and around 18% of women.

However, the most common headache is a tension headache (tension headache). Stress, obligations and haste can cause this type of pain, which can ruin our day.

Tension headache presents as a feeling of pressure around the head, often caused by keeping the neck contracted and tense.

Although most headaches are not serious, they can sometimes be a symptom of another underlying condition.

When you have to worry about a headache

In case of suffering from a headache, it is important to know in what situations we should go to the doctor. These are the warning signs:

  • The appearance of unexplained vomiting
  • Pain that is severe (not experienced before) or that does not go away with usual treatment
  • Manifestations (such as inability to move any part of the body)
  • Wake up during the night due to the intensity of the pain
  • Headache that is atypical or that progresses (becomes more severe) over time
  • An episode of loss of consciousness with headache

How to relieve headaches naturally?

  1. Drink water. Dehydration is a common cause of tension headaches. Drink enough throughout the day and eat foods that are high in water content.
  2. Massage. Press 5 seconds on the back of the neck (right at the dimple), release and repeat three times. If the pain is relieved, it may be due to excessive tension in the cervicals.
  3. Rest for 10 minutes. Lie in the fetal position with the blinds closed and no pillow. Bring your chin closer to your chest to elongate your neck and breathe calmly.
  4. And oga or Pilates. Both disciplines (also meditation) strengthen the muscles and are useful for controlling stress and eliminating body tension.
  5. White Willow. Due to its salicin content (the principle of aspirin), it is effective in relieving pain and inflammation. Cook 2 g of the dried bark per glass of water.
  6. Cup of coffee. The Montefiore Center found that caffeine (due to its vasoconstrictor effect) improves the efficacy of pain relievers and migraine treatment.
  7. lavender oil. The University of Mashhad (Iran) ensures that inhaling this essential oil for 15 minutes helps reduce the intensity of headaches (no contraindications).
  8. Eat every bit. Having highs and lows in blood sugar can contribute to the onset of a headache. These fluctuations occur when they spend more than 4 hours without eating anything.
  9. Take magnesium. Eat foods rich in magnesium (sunflower seeds or whole wheat toast with olive oil) to avoid its deficiency and that the brain’s neurotransmitters are altered.
  10. Limit histamine. If it accumulates in excess in the body, this substance can cause repeated headaches. Reduce sausages, aged cheeses, wine, and smoked foods.

The best way to prevent headaches is to eat a healthy diet, which helps keep your defenses, muscles, nerves and circulatory system in good condition.

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