Special Diet To Lose Weight From The Age Of 40

Do you want to lose weight from the age of 40? Special Diet To Lose Weight From The Age Of 40 reviews a new and better way to lose weight.

As we add years it is more difficult to lose weight, but not as much as we think. Smart eating and regular sports are the keys to losing weight after quarantine. We tell you how to achieve it without great sacrifices.

Those 3 or 4 extra kilos that at the age of 20 we lost in the blink of an eye cost more to lose after 40 years.

However, there is no need to despair, because, with a few small changes in our lifestyle, we can be at a healthy weight all our lives.

Lose weight after 40

Why is it harder to lose weight at this stage?

There are several factors that make it easier to gain weight than lose it:

slow metabolism. It is what makes the body breathe, walk, maintain temperature, gain weight or lose weight. When the growth stage ends, energy expenditure decreases. And it continues to decrease by 5% in each decade. Thus, if we eat the same as at 20, we gain weight.

Less muscle mass. From the age of 30, we can lose 3 to 5% of muscle mass. Keep in mind that muscle consumes energy, even at rest. Therefore, if its percentage decreases, the accumulated fat increases.

Hormonal changes. The changes of menopause in women begin to manifest in the 40s, with a decrease in hormones (estrogens and prolactin). This also influences that we gain weight more easily.

The best diet after 40

If you have gained weight, it may be that only by reorganizing your diet will you be able to lose those extra kilos and keep it that way in the future.

  1. Harvard plate. 

    Half corresponds to greens and vegetables; a quarter to protein (fish, meat, tofu…); and another to carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, potato). For dessert, fruit or natural yogurt without sugar. In addition, you have to avoid industrial pastries and snacks.

  2. Goat dairy. 

    Introduce goat’s milk, yogurt, or kefir into your diet. They provide good doses of vitamin D, which helps regulate hormones and makes it easier to lose weight from the age of 40.

  3. Soy and derivatives. 

    Include tofu, tempeh, and edamame… in your menus, because they are very rich in phytoestrogens (especially isoflavones). This help rebalances the drop in estrogen that we suffer with age.

  4. light proteins. 

    It is important to take lean proteins from fish, poultry, eggs, or stewed vegetables (without sausage). Also, add less salt and more pepper or hot pepper, which helps burn more calories.

  5. Vita-Salute San Raffaele University

    found that regularly consuming probiotics (live microorganisms that contribute to the balance of the intestinal microbiota) and prebiotics (fiber) helps to lose weight.

  6. Vitamin D.

    This nutrient is a precursor to certain hormones and its lack has been linked to weight gain. The body synthesizes it by exposing the skin to the sun, and to a lesser extent, by eating foods such as salmon, eggs, or mushrooms.

  7. Chromium and omega 3.

    Make sure you don’t lack these minerals, as they help to better metabolize fats and sugars. Chromium is present in wheat germ, cereals, fruit, or dairy products. The omega 3 is in oily fish and flax or chia seeds.

  8. intermittent fasting 

    Laval University (Canada)found that this is more useful for weight control in postmenopausal women than a hypocaloric diet, due to its effects on metabolism and the endocrine system. Eat between 11am and 7pm, and fast for 16 hours.

As you can see, by modifying your eating habits a little you can achieve your ideal weight, in which you feel good and at ease with life.

Of course, remember that, in addition to diet, it is key to leading an active life. Do cardiovascular exercises (running, walking, cycling, swimming…) to speed up your metabolism. And to build muscle, practice strength routines. The ideal is to do 3 to 5 workouts a week.

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