Discover What Your Smile Reflects About You

A smile can reveal aspects of our mood and personality. But, behind this gesture, more information is hidden than we think. Discover everything that laughter can say about you and your intentions.

Laughter is a sensation that connects us with others and makes us feel good. A joke, a funny situation or a memory is capable of making us laugh out loud or make us laugh non-stop for a long time.

On average, adults laugh between 15 and 100 times a day. Children do it about 300 times a day! And it is that we acquire this ability a few months after birth, but, unfortunately, we can lose it over the years.

In addition to being pleasant, laughter is beneficial for health, according to science. In fact, the University of Kansas (USA) showed that smiling improves stressful situations.

Benefits of smiling

When we laugh, the brain’s cortex is activated and releases electrical impulses. One second after starting, we expel all the negative energy from our bodies.

Reduce stress. With laughter, we release endorphins and dopamine, a hormone related to states of psychological well-being. While this is happening, levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, also drop noticeably. Thus, we feel happier and more relaxed.

It favors the heart. When we smile, our heart rate increases. Then the muscles relax and the heart rate and blood pressure decrease. This can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Extend life. Wayne University (USA) found that those who smile frequently and have positive thoughts can increase their life expectancy by between 4 and 6 years.

Improve relationships. When a person smiles, they are more pleasant, attractive, and intelligent for others. This favors social relationships, essential to improve self-esteem.

Types of smiles

Although we usually associate smiles with happiness, not all smiles reflect that emotion.

The psychologist Carney Landis established 19 types of smiles:

Duchenne. It gets its name from a neurologist and is the smile of happiness. It is a spontaneous, long, and intense smile, which is reflected in the expression of the eyes, cheekbones, and mouth.

False. It is easy to identify it, because when we make a forced smile we only move the mouth, but not the eyes or the cheekbones.

fear. When we live in a threatening situation, we smile showing our teeth and part of our gums, and retract our lips.

to dimmed It is a contained smile when we want to express happiness, but we cannot. Cheeks rise, but lips are pressed together to try and hide it.

qualifying. Irritating when received. It is expressed by raising the lower lip and is usually accompanied by a downward tilt of the head. It is accompanied by a negative message.

contemptuous D. It is common in situations where you want to maintain social harmony. In the contemptuous smile, the contour of the lips is kept tight.

mischievous. Typical of the evil characters in the movies, she reflects a joy for the misfortune of others. She manifests herself with an angry expression on her lips that produces a fixed smile.

flirty _ In addition to the look, the smile is an element of seduction. Enigmatic and mysterious, the flirtatious smile is intended to arouse interest. Mona Lisa’s smile is a clear example.

– High or gingival smile: It is the one in which we show the total cervicoincisal length of the upper anterior teeth and a contiguous gum band.

– Medium smile: It is a smile that reveals 75 and 100% of the total length of the cervicoincised upper anterior teeth and only the interproximal gingiva.

– Low smile: we speak of a low smile when we can see 75% of the total cervicoincisal length of the upper anterior teeth.

As you can see, the smile is a very powerful element, which can reflect our state of mind, and also our intentions.

Be that as it may, laughing brings us happiness and physical and emotional well-being. To take advantage of all its benefits, surround yourself with people who make you feel good and laugh, the more the better.

And you, how do you smile?

If we leave aside the medical part, we can recognize gestures that will tell us much more about the person in front of us. Would you know how to recognize your type of smile according to our categorization?

Tense lips and together: when we make this type of face, we are usually holding something or we do not want to say what we are thinking. We force the mouth and the result is a smile that does not reveal the teeth, so we will recognize this gesture as a forced smile.

Crooked mouth: It is undoubtedly a gesture of sarcasm. We react to a possible situation and our mouth, the shape of our lips is capable of saying much more than ourselves. Normally this gesture is accompanied by other movements such as the arching of an eyebrow.

Downward jaw: this type of smile has become very popular in advertising campaigns over the years. The person who smiles shows all the teeth and lowers the lower part of the jaw as an exclamation point. We could say that it is a contagious smile that causes joy and fun.

Smile looking from below: surely you will recognize this gesture among the smallest of the house or perhaps at some point in which you have wanted to conquer another person. It is a tender smile that lets us see the most innocent side of people and is very feminine in a woman.

If you want to show off the best of your smiles, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you achieve a healthier and more beautiful mouth.

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